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VW 02A/02J 5-speed SPORT Transmission, (4cyl) 02A/02J complete 5 speed close ratio Sport transmission, 4-cylinder application. Fits: '98-2005 Golf/Jetta/New Beetle, 2.0L 8v. tdi dont turn the rpm that a gas engine does so the gear set is taller in a diesel. if you pair a 1.8t with a diesel trans the car will have more top end and highway speeds rpms will be lower. depending on turbo setup and rpm vs power it may help or hurt daily driving.

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The Volkswagen 01M transmission is an electronic/ hydraulic four-speed automatic transmission deployed in Cabrio, Jetta, Golf, GTI, New Beetle manufactured between 1995 through 2005, and transverse engine Passats manufactured between 1995 through 1997. This transmission was entirely engineered and most probably manufactured by the French ...
Description Wavetrac LSD for all 02J transmissions, through 2004. Golf 4 / Jetta 4 / New Beetle 5MT (TDI, 1.8, 1.8T, 2.0, V5, VR6) 02J Transmission Codes. ... 3.778 2.118 1.360 0.971 0.756 3.389 TDI Beetle, Golf/Jetta IV EGD 3.300 1.944 1.308 1.029 0.837 3.938 1.8T Beetle '99 ...

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2004 TDI with 02J transmission. I am trying to make sure I have the correct transmission oil on order. VW says it is a mineral oil based fluid... then they said wit a minute - here's another oil listed - and it is a synthetic oil. Do you think they could find out for sure? NOPE. The guy was...
1998-2018 Volkswagen part # 02J-409-189-E - Manual Transmission Output Shaft Seal This is a catalog of part numbers and does not represent our inventory. Line drawings may not be representative of product do not order by picture. 6 ступенчатая МКПП 02M (6-Speed Transmission 02M). SSP Audi 206. Полный привод с Haldex (Haldex Electronic Viscous Coupling). Двигатели 2.5 TDI Евро 5 с системой SCR для VW Crafter (CEBA, CEBB, CECA, CECB).

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Acheter ou vendre gratuitement votre golf 5 tdi | Transmission & Accessoires d'occasion ou neuve ? Autos : Pièces & Accessoires Transmission & Accessoires 178 résultats pour 'golf 5 tdi'. VERSNELLINGSBAK ABS Volkswagen Golf VI (5K1) (02Q300048J).
02J Trans repair | Kansas City TDI Manual Trans Overhaul Type 02j Type 02J is a 5-speed transaxle consisting of an input shaft, mainshaft/drive pinion and a differential assembly which transfers power to front wheels. Transmission; Differential; 1.9L TDI; $1,099.99 $939.99. Peloquin Limited Slip Differential Kit - 113mm Ring Gear ... WavetracÎÂ Differential Type 02J for VW Mk4 ...

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These R8 transmissions require G 052 171 A2 manual transmission fluid with a capacity of 3.5L. Vehicle Fitment: 1999-2005 VW Beetle Hatchback - Models w/ 1.8L 4 Cylinder 20 Valve Turbocharged Engine and Manual Transmission 1998-2008 VW Beetle Hatchback - Models w/ 1.9L 4 Cylinder 8 Valve TDI Diesel Engine and Manual Transmission
Discussion of all model year gasoline engine maintenance, repair, transmission, driveline and differential repair, performance mods (Chips/Tuners), exhaust mods. - no advertising VW Engine Mounting Bracket Golf MK1 Caddy 1,8T G60 1,9 TDI 02A 02J 02M Gearbox 4 Cylinder Engine COnversion Bracket for Golf MK1 series, also Caddy 14d Corrado Scirocco Jetta engine: 4 cylinder engines, basis from Golf MK3 and MK4

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VW 02A/02J 5-speed SPORT Transmission, (4cyl) 02A/02J complete 5 speed close ratio Sport transmission, 4-cylinder application. Fits: '98-2005 Golf/Jetta/New Beetle, 2.0L 8v.
Peloquin's TBD for the 02J-B Transmission. Differential housings are made from either 4320 or 8620 s ... O2J Transmission Golf/Jetta MKIV TDI/1.8T/2.0/VR6 99-04 ... The Eaton Fuller 8LL manual transmissions provide drivers with the versatility they need for a mix of on- and off-highway applications. These transmissions offer eight road speed gears and two additional deep reduction ratios in low and reverse.

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That could take a while Almir. Have you tried or Dutch Auto Parts on tdi club? I know it sounds odd to order from Europe but I've heard once the order is placed maybe a week to get your part.
MANUAL TRANS OVERHAUL - TYPE 02J Article Text (p. 5) Fig. 5: Assembled View Of 5th Gear Operating Sleeve & Synchronizer Hub Courtesy of Volkswagen United States, Inc. TRANSMISSION HOUSING & SELECTOR MECHANISM NOTE: If transmission housing is replaced, adjust input shaft and differential. Disassembly & Reassembly